• The applications for the Puraskar for year 2023 should be sent for evaluation before 1st Oct, 2023.
  • Either the artist or any other person nominating that artist can submit the application for
    nomination for the Puraskar.
  • If the nominee is selected for the Puraskar, he/she will be informed by the Chairman of the
    Puraskar Committee. If the nominee is not selected for the year of the Puraskar, his/her
    application and other documents will be kept active for each subsequent year until the nominee
    passes the 50 year age limit.
  • The application shall be in the form of a letter, attaching or enclosing all information listed below. The application as well as any other correspondence shall be addressed to the Secretary of the Puraskar Committee preferably by email, email attachment, Google Drive or similar link. The recording should be sent electronically or as a CD by courier. The address for the application and all documentation, recording, etc. is the following:

Nishant Shah
Secretary, Gaan-Saraswati Puraskar Committee
E-11, Konark Indraprasth CHS,
Sarvodaya Nagar, Jain Mandir Road,
Mulund West, Mumbai – 400080
Phone: 9930383483
Email: gspuraskar@gmail.com

  • The information and recording to be submitted along with the application shall be as follows:

a. Up to date and detailed bio-data of the nominee including the birth-date, photo,
address, names of Gurus showing the period when trained under each Guru.

b. Proof of the age of the nominee.

c. A list of major concerts performed by the nominee in well-known venues, and dates of
such concerts. Please note that small and sundry performances should not be included.

d. A list of awards, recognitions, distinctions received by the nominee.

e. Any concert tours undertaken by the nominee outside India.

f. One 30 to 45 minutes recording of the nominee specifically made for this application of
a recent Khayal performed either in a studio or at home together with live Tabla
accompaniment. Any other instrumental accompaniment (such as harmonium) is
optional. Please note that a recording of a past concert is not acceptable.

g. A link to a website, if any, that the nominee has.